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Palani Velladurai March 19, 2007 11:02

convergence for an Unsteady simulation
Hi guys! whats the convergence creterion for a Unsteady simulation ????i,e , where we are giving those (like residuals in steady simulation)values in FLUENT. Bcos the normal residuals we are giving for the convergence cretireion is for a time step...what about the overall convergence????r Reply me

Rizwan March 19, 2007 11:56

Re: convergence for an Unsteady simulation
there is nothing called overall convergence but u have to make sure that 1. solution convergence is achieved in evry time step to be realistic. Nos of iterations per each timestep are ideally 20. 2. To achieve this, wat u can do is set very small timesteps ex; 0.001 at the begining. 3. As the solution proceeds, if you observe that the solution converges with in 8 - 10 iterations, then u can increase timestep.

I hope this helps Regards

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