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Spiro March 19, 2007 12:35

Close-domain model of time-dependent compres. flow

Has anyone in here ever attempted to model a detonation in a non-vented structure? i.e. a ship's hold.

I am interested in knowing the appropriate settings of such a model:

My solver is Pressure-Based & Gradient Option is Green-Gauss Node Based

Viscous Model: Sparlat-Allmaras (1 Eqn.)

Energy Eqn. is ON

Materials: Air (ideal gas)

Solution Ctrls: Pressure-Velocity Coupling (PISO???)


Pressure - 2nd order

Density - 2nd order

Momentum - 2nd order

Modified Turb. Viscosity - 2nd order

Although I am setting everything on 2nd order when I check the case I get the following message: Consider using higher order discretization for improved accuracy of the final solution.

Do you guys have any ideas on the above? I am not very strong on CFD as I am more into the structural side of the story. I need to use CFD in order to read the pressures acting on the structure's walls after the detonation.

Any opinion/suggestion is highly appreciated.

Thank you

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