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Shamoon March 19, 2007 13:46

Zones.....> Solid
In GAMBIT there is an option in specifying continuum types of Solid or Fluid. I have a geometry through which air is passing. And air is flowing on the outer side also (like a picture frame placed in Wind tunnel). Problems to ask are: 1) Should I take the geometry as a volume and mesh it and then specify it as a solid? 2) Shuld I take the faces of the geometry only and specify them as wall? If I do this and specify the oruter domain as a volume then in Fluent only the outer volume is shown and not the geometry!!!!!1 Kindly help me


Vivek Vasudevan March 19, 2007 21:29

Re: Zones.....> Solid

You don't need to mesh the solid volume (picture frame) as I presume you are interested in the flow around the solid volume. You can simply specify the solid faces as walls.

How big is the outer domain compared to the solid volume? Are you sure you aren't zoomed out so far away as not to see the solid volume?

There is a similar tutorial in Gambit wherein they show how to create a mesh to study flow around a car placed in a wind tunnel. You might want to look at it to get a clearer picture.

Regards, Vivek

Shamoon March 21, 2007 12:30

Re: Zones.....> Solid
OK I got it but what about the flow inside the picture frame. If I take the outer doamin and mesh it the cells will pass through the frame also.

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