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Pradeep March 20, 2007 00:02

U Tube Face linking.
Hi, am encountering a problem while meshing for a U tube. I first link the opposite ends of the U Tube. And when I create mesh for one face the other face should also be meshed with a copy of first face 'meshing'...contrary to that the 2nd face meshing is degraded. Please help.


Pradeep March 20, 2007 06:12

Re: U Tube Face linking.
I generated this request, and later on found the solution so am posting it.

1. The mistake I was making while linking the faces is I was not correctly selecting the vertices. 2. One has to be carefull while selecting the vertices (Corresponing veritces must be selected) 3. The direction of the meshing faces should be opposite (a mendtory condition).

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