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Don Parsons March 22, 2007 09:51

unsteady DPM particle tracks animation
I am a graduate student that is relatively new to FLUENT. I am working on a vortex sampler and would like to use the unsteady DPM. I would like to be able to display a video of some type of the particle paths. It appears that FLUENT only records the lst position of the particles if the flow is unsteady. I would really appreciate it if someone could offer some advice on how to create this sort of video. Is there a way to write the particle positons at every time step. Thank you all in advance


Sujith March 25, 2007 14:20

Re: unsteady DPM particle tracks animation
if the flow is unsteady fluent displays only the final positions of the particles. You can save images of particle tracks every time steps using solve-execute commands. Type the tui commands to display particle tracks as first command. ("Dis par ---") Type "Dis hc particletrack%t.jpeg" as second command. make the commands to be executed at every time step. before starting the iterations you have to set the image type through file-hardcopy.

best regards -Sujith

Don Parsons March 26, 2007 09:32

Re: unsteady DPM particle tracks animation
Thank you very much I appreciate the help. I will try to apply that this week. I was wondering if the solve---animate window did the same thing or is this what you are refering to. Thanks again.


Sujith March 26, 2007 13:51

Re: unsteady DPM particle tracks animation
yes u can animate it thru solve->animate.. but the files will be quite big.

Jessica.S May 18, 2012 17:14

You could also Auto save each time step and use CFD post to create any animation that you like...

roopesh99 March 2, 2016 03:52

I tried but unable to track particle in ANSYS. I used the following technique
calculation activity-solution animation-animation seq 1-define-particle track-phase (particle)-track
But unable to track particles...
pls tell any effective way also i tried google but it is not helpful..

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