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braket March 27, 2007 18:34

Diffusivities of species
Hi Guys,

I am modeling fuel cell in which there are several porous parts with different porosities and permeabilities. When oxygen, hydrogen and water move in these parts, they have different effective diffusivities. I tried to use UDF to describe them, but I have no a clear idea. Who can give me a hand? I will appreciate it.

By the way, are there guys who are modeling fuel cells?

Thank you very much!


Seyed Farid Hosseinizadeh March 28, 2007 16:45

Re: Diffusivities of species
Hey: Can I know, how did you write your UDF? Maybe it helps. Also I'm working in fuel cell center at UCONN. If you have specified question, maybe I can help you. Thanks/Farid

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