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Johannes March 28, 2007 11:24

Species Source Term
Hi there,

I am currently modelling a reactive flow using the GRI 2.11 mechanism. Is there a possibilty to obtain the species production rate in a cell with a function like C_R(c,t) to obtain the density? I would be really glad, if you help me.

Greetings, Johannes.

Allan Walsh March 28, 2007 17:40

Re: Species Source Term
You can get the species concentration - see the UDF manual.

Johannes March 29, 2007 18:58

Re: Species Source Term
Yeah, I know, but I need to get the source terms of the species concentration or something similar. :/

Allan Walsh March 30, 2007 17:46

Re: Species Source Term
For the GRI reaction rate, you would need to have the concentrations of the reactants either on a mass or mole basis. These can be converted using the fluid denisty and species molecular weights. Fluent has variables for the concentrations.

The source terms (for depletion of products, formation of reactants, energy, etc) are calculated from the concentrations, and specified reaction (i.e. GRI mechanism). I don't think the source terms are readily accessible, although you could write a UDF to do that.

Good luck.

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