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sarah March 29, 2007 09:52

UDF convective heat transfer correlations

I'm a new user of Fluent. I want to simulate an office room with natural ventilation (cooling ceiling and occupant as heat source). I'm interested in the convective heat transfer at the enclosure surfaces. In Fluent you can use wall functions or near wall modelling. The wall functions are based on experimental correlations of forced convection over isolated plates, not? So the best solution for my problem is to use enhanced wall treatment. Is this right? There are several experimental derived correlations for the convective heat transfer coefficient, depending on the heating or cooling system. (Khalifa and Alamdari, Awbi and Hatton, Fisher,…) Is it possible to implement these correlations in Fluent? The simulation of the heat transfer would then be more realistic, not? I think this will be possible by implanting a UDF for the boundary conditions of the walls, right? Another problem is the reference temperature to calculate the convective heat transfer coefficient. For natural convection the best solution is to take the temperature on the edge of the thermal boundary layer. How can I implement this temperature in the UDF?

Thanks in advance, Sarah

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