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efisio Solazzo March 29, 2007 11:37

UDF_Define Turbulent_Viscosity locally
Hello everybody. I would be really grateful if any of you could address me on how to create an UDF to change the turbulent viscosity, only on a portion of my domain. I have been trying the following:



Node *node;

real x = NODE_X (node);

real y = NODE_Y (node);

real mu_t;

real rho = C_R(c,t); and so on....

if ((y < 0.12) && (x < 0.82) && (x > 0.73)) /*define the region i am interested in*/

mu_t = something;


mu_t = something else;

return mu_t;


(which compiles by the way) but I think that the usage of && and the specification of the coordinates using NODE creates some problems...

Any ideas? Thanks

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