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prat March 29, 2007 15:46

bubble-drop coalescence and breakup
hi ppl,

am tryin to simulate bubble-drop coalescence and breakup in a pipe.

situation :

water(primary phase)-air(secondary phase)-kerosene(secondary phase), along the pipe therez bubble-drop coalescence and breakup. am using Fluent 6.3,

1 drop+1 bubble------- this aggregate has a density which is b/w the density of drop and bubble

1 drop+2 bubble------ this aggregate has a density which is different from the drop and bubble phase itself and also different from the above aggregate.

similarly different combos....

(for now let am making this situation simple with 1 drop+1 bubble coalescence and breakup.)

how do u think i can simulate such a situation ? eventually i would have a plot which gives me no.densities, aggregate diameter and densities (rho)

i was thinking if i can solve this using concentration transport equations, as these aggregates can be defined in terms of concentrates eventually.... am not sure how i can do this yet... but i guess there is a way out like this...

has anyone solved such a situation .... ?

any suggestions would be appreciated...

thanx prat.

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