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ammi reddy March 31, 2007 05:16

how to remove adapted cell ?

i am modeling a fluid flow. i had made some adaption in the system using gradient adaption . when i display vector of velocity or any paramete, more number of vector (arrows) where mesh is fine and less number of vector where coarse is their . so i want to remove this grid adaption now (after convergence) to find uniform one. how can i do it or any other method do u like to suggest ? pleease reply .

ammi reddy

akarnik December 28, 2009 20:31

In a velocity vector plot, one arrow will be displayed for every cell by default. As a result, the density of vectors will be directly proportional to the mesh density. If non-uniform mesh has been used, vector plot does not look very good: too crowded in one region and too coarse in another. For displaying a uniformly distributed vector plot do the following.

Create a point-array surface by using the following text command: surface/point-array. You need to define coordinates of two diagonal points of a reactangle (the reactangle should be large enough to cover the entire cross-section of your cut plane) and the number of points you want to have in each direction. Once a point-array surface is defined, you can draw the vector plot on that surface. The point distribution in your vector plot will be uniform.


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