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Brian April 4, 2007 09:57

Backwards compatibility of Fluent 6.3 with 6.2
I have recently upgraded my installation to 6.3, but am also using a cluster which is still running FLUENT 6.2. When I try to load a case file that has been saved on my local (v 6.3) machine onto the cluster (6.2), I get the error message:

Error: Set_Thread_Variables: wta(real) Error Object: ((constant . 1) (profile "" ""))

If I am running interactively on a single processor, it will still run okay. However, when trying to run on the cluster in batch mode FLUENT fails. I have also noticed that after loading into interactive mode (which spawns the error above), it will not read profiles. There are no UDFs in the case file, just one profile.

I have found two other posts here that refer to the same or similar problems ( and but found no solutions. Running solely on version 6.3 is not really an option because upgrading the cluster will require a huge amount of work to get the queueing system up and running again. Does anyone have any other ideas?

suvash April 4, 2007 21:52

Re: Backwards compatibility of Fluent 6.3 with 6.2
Yes. I am also facing the same problem... Please help if anybody knows the solution...

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