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John peter April 5, 2007 12:04

Gambit split volume option

This is regarding Gambit split volume with face option.

When ever I split the volume with a face using "Gambit Split volume connected" option, I get a warning message saying "Connected geometry may be imprinted by the requested option".

How can I get rid of this. Will this affect my analysis results?

Please help.

Regards John

Kasper Skriver April 11, 2007 03:21

Re: Gambit split volume option
I have allways just ignored that error-message..

goyalnn May 2, 2011 22:29

I have created a person (made of different volumes) in GAMBIT. The person is standing inside a big cube which in itself is a separate volume. I want to study the air flow inside the cube. Do I have to first split/subract or do anything like that with outside volume and the volumes inside it (person) or Can I just go ahead and create edge,face and then volume mesh for the whole thing without specifying any such relation between them?? someone told me it is necessary to split but when Im trying to split the person from the outside volume, it gives me an error "coincident face_face_ints with different body vertices". Can anyone help me??
I would greatly appreciate your response.


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