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Phil April 8, 2007 11:03

gas turbine combustor model - HELP!
I'm modeling a tubular combustor with swirler& vane passage fuel injection as part of my PhD and I'm having big problems with the combustion model.

For these swirling combustion flows the finite rate/eddy dissipation model is essential but when I use it the flame goes out eventually after around 25 iterations even when having the outer wall at 1500K and patching in the temp of 1300K.

The boundary conditions were worked out by my supervisor and previous theses confirm them. The aerodynamics are spot on but when adding combustion (methane) the flame keeps going out for this model. The eddy dissipation model can be used but combustion occurs where the flow velocity is very high so flame should be quenched. I wrote a UDF to halt reactions > 80,100,120m/s but results are still not great but more sensible.

Gopinath s April 8, 2007 12:20

Re: gas turbine combustor model - HELP!

I am doing the same project an aero engine ,now i am on the initial stage ie flow simulation , can u help me to get the profile of the combustion area /plot the contour of the same, which book i have to refer, can u send me some journals reg this . it could be greatful to me.

Phil April 9, 2007 05:05

Re: gas turbine combustor model - HELP!
what do you mean?

you need to create the geometry similar to CAD, then create a mesh. You should do both the Fluent and Gambit tutorials.

Start off just on the k-epsilon turbulence model until much later when the model is working properly then use RSM.

Not sure which journals to suggest but go to any University library or search online and you should find what you are looking for. If you are just making the cold flow sim just now you should just make sure you have ALL correct dimensions then make the geometry like you would in CAD. Keep on plugging away at it and refer to the documentation/tutorials when you get stuck.

The tutorials and documentation really are better than books for learning to use CFD software but any of the general books on this site are good. Ive read Computational methods for fluid dynamics and theoretical and numerical combustion.

What type of combustor is it? tubular, annular, etc.???????

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