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joshkemp April 10, 2007 18:48

Plotting Droplet velocity -DPM
I am simulating an axi-symmetric jet being injected into a pipe with airflow. I am trying to compare the results to experimental results where they plot particle velocity as function of radius. I can't seem to get fluent to do this right. If I display particle tracks, there are particles in the entire domain from r= 0 mm to r =100 mm, but then when I attempt plot data taken using sample, the data stops at r = 10 mm. Does anyone know how to do this properly?

Also, when using DPM, how do you change the number of parcels injected? So far the only way I have found to get the number of parcels to change is by changing the "particle time step size" or "number of time steps" under Particle Treatment. The Fluent manual is very bad at describing how to control the total number of parcels injected.

ligang zheng April 12, 2007 20:09

Re: Plotting Droplet velocity -DPM
If you perform transient calculation,that is say your have turn on unsteady particle tracking in dpm panel. You can not display particle trajectory, what you can display is the droplet point scattered in your domain.

number of parcels? or number of particles´╝č do you have used the particle cloud TRACKING model rather than the DRW?

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