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Adriano April 13, 2007 03:57

*extract volume of air in VOF model
Hi Fluent users,

I'm studing an air leak meter. I'm studing the dynamic response of the system. I implemented a VOF model, time-dependent, and ran the simulation to reach the final operating condition. My phases are air and water: air it's approximatly incopressible ideal-gas.

My goal is to extract from data, at fixed time-step interval, the volume of cells that have got at least 0.1 of air volume fraction. To do this I've to export data (file/export/ascii) and process them by Matlab.

The problem is that the only information that I can export is about default-interior faces, so I haven't got a volume cell value for each cell but a cell volume per interior face.

Do you have any suggestion on how to do this exporting or how to reconstruct the information that I need?.

Thanks for advices!

Best regards


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