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Jay April 14, 2007 18:06

Deformation of wall by temperature condition

I am calculating heat transfer from liquid to solid phase including k-e turbulence model in steady condition. In detail, I am solving solidification phenomena with just heat transfer with specific heat change. 10" (length) X 4" (width) X 1" (thickness) box type container having different temperature of each wall has molten metal. A part of liquid region has source term of fluid motion. Input variable is side wall temperature of liquid region. So, I assigned temporary domain for solid and liquid region. Then, I want to check the motion of solid/liquid interface by changing of wall temperature of liquid region. The trouble that I have is the wall condition between liquid and solid phase, because it is fixed at a given position. To divide regions for liquid fluid flow and solid during iteration, I gave different viscosity by temperature. Additionally, I assigned modified specific heat was applied for melting temperature range to apply latent heat of fusion in material panel. I gave boundary condition that the wall between solid and liquid has motion to change liquid flow.

Wall between solid and liquid region has to be varied by changing of temperature condition. Does anybody have good method to predict wall position change by temperature change? Is this possible to solve by moving mesh? If you have, could you let me have? Solidification model is not required.

Regards, Jay

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