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cC April 17, 2007 01:51

fixed bed Char Gasification
hi there, doing my project work on numerical modelling of fixed bed coal gasification. Idea is to flow hot steam over fixed bed of char. can anyone help me to set up model. I am not able to define material, as solid and gas two phases are present.

cC April 17, 2007 01:52

Re: fixed bed Char Gasification
i m usinf fluent

Elias May 1, 2007 14:04

Re: fixed bed Char Gasification
it sounds weird!!, like you don't have too much idea about two phase reactors. anyway, you can look for works on the area, for example Highman and van der Burg (2003). Gasification. Elsevier. If you want to know more on gasification.

Watanabe, H., Otaka, M., Hara, S., Ashizawa, M., Kidoguchi, K., y Inumaru, J. (2002). Modelling and simulation for extra heavy oil gasification on entrained flow gasifier. Proceedings of IJPGC'02, 667

Uson, S., Valero, A. y Rangel V. (2004a). Building Operations Maps: An effective tool for improving gasifier operations in IGCC power plants. Int. J. Thermodynamics 7 (4), 157 Uson, S. Valero, A. y Martínez A. (2004b). Co-Gasification of coal and biomass in an IGCC power plant: Gasifier modeling. Int. J. Thermodynamics 7 (4), 165

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