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Marc April 18, 2007 08:01

Furnace curtains

I am modelling a Controlled Atmosphere Brazing furnace. At the entry I have curtains to prevent oxygen from going inside the furnace. Actually the curtains are thin strip. These curtains are not perfectly air-tight, when condensers enter in the furnace they lift the strip and as consequence there are space between the strip. I tried to use the option porosity in Fluent to take in account air going through the curtains, but it doesn't seem to work. I tried with the option permeability as well. Results were not so good but better than with porosity. I also tried to add this space in the geometry rather than modelling the curtains (and let empty space for the strip). I draw and redraw it three times, then I thought that I was loosing too much times. Does anybody have experience in modelling furnace curtains? Does anybody have an idea which will be the best way to model it? Thanks a lot

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