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Summer April 19, 2007 15:11

The incompatible of UDF
Hello, everyone. I have a problem of compiling my UDF. Previously, I use version FLUENT 6.2.16 and compiled some UDFs, which really worked for me. Today, a new version FLUENT 6.3 is served for me. When I tried to load the UDFs, it said that it is incompatible. Does anyone meet such problems before? How to deal with this problem? Thanks in advance!

jonglee April 20, 2007 05:04

Re: The incompatible of UDF
why not use the old version for your simulation if the new version cannot provide additional benefit or significant improvement for your case?

Summer April 20, 2007 08:20

Re: The incompatible of UDF
The thing is that I am using the FLUENT from OSU supercomputer center and it seems that I could not choose which version I will use. The good news is that I have solved this problem. This morning I deleted all the old files from UDF and compiled it again, and the new generated libuf works for me. I think probably it is the way to solve this problem. Thank you any way.

Bogdan April 23, 2007 04:11

Re: The incompatible of UDF
you can try the option -r6.2.16 for the old version of FLUENT.

For example: fluent -r6.2.16 2ddp

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