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John April 23, 2007 05:09

Lift & Drag
I am analysis the aerodynamics of a formula sae car as a final year mechanical engineering project. I have run some 2d simulation. The results seem to make sense except for the lift and drag coefficient which are totally unrealistic. I have tried to find out what is wrong with no success. If anyone might know where i might have gone wrong, I would appreciate if you get back to me.


Rashad April 23, 2007 05:34

Re: Lift & Drag
Change your reference values apropriatelly

Dr. Flow Squad April 23, 2007 07:10

Re: Lift & Drag
A 2D Formula SAE CAR? I would like to see how that looks like!!!!

John April 25, 2007 02:53

Re: Lift & Drag
I have and it is not making any difference. I cant think of anything else that might be wrong. Could it be the mesh?

Rashad May 3, 2007 05:57

Re: Lift & Drag
Yes if your mesh is coarse that you get very strange results for the drag and specially lift so try to refine mesh and try again Have a fun Rashad

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