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dan April 30, 2007 14:26

reversing faces
Hi, I'm using the fluent parallel solver on a dual core computer. Importing a 3D mesh I have the following warning message: "Warning: Reversing 30876 faces, zone 4." If I read the same mesh in the serial solver there is no such a warning, but I cannot run the simulation because of memory requirements. What that message means and how to fix it? thanks

bashu April 30, 2007 14:36

Re: reversing faces
try reading the mesh and write the case in "serial" and read the "case" not mesh in parallel.

hossein65 February 24, 2012 03:40

that was wonderful bashu!!! but i have a question: what problem occure if there is such a warning? I am simulating a 2D reactor impeller and have such a warning in my simulation.

Pravin Kadu April 9, 2016 15:56

It could be because of mesh not been done somewhere... In my case, it was giving same problem - 'reversing faces ....' while reading mesh. But later I found mesh hadn't been done. When I did meshing again, it worked in parallel also.

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