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Ahmet May 2, 2007 15:06

Steam laval nozzle
High. I am new in CFD and also fluent. My first project is an analysis of a laval nozzle for steam. This is a small laval nozzle for a micro steam turbine. In analysis, what is the way that I follow? What is the critical points. The inlet temperature is 823 K and inlet pressure 30 bar. I have a 7 g/s mass flow rate.

Thanks for helps

Phil May 2, 2007 15:50

Re: Steam laval nozzle
I'm unsure how little experience you have but the very basics of model creation are - 1)create the geometry, 2)mesh the geometry, 3)assign boundary conditions.

You should do the Gambit tutorials, this would help you a great great deal.

Then do the fluent tutorials to learn the solution process. If you already have a working model then just do the fluent tutorials but not the gambit ones.

Ahmet May 3, 2007 13:44

Re: Steam laval nozzle
I have experience basics. There is no problem. You know. This is a compressible flow. Which method should I use. Pressure based or density based. For steam properties, can I define as ideal gas

Phil May 3, 2007 16:35

Re: Steam laval nozzle *NM*

Phil May 3, 2007 16:40

Re: Steam laval nozzle
The solver options change how the code reaches the solution - but not the final result if converged to the same criterion.

I would leave it standard and if it converges fine then leave it. If not then try changing from a pressure based solver. Relaxation factors are a better way to help convergence if you know how to use them efficiently.


Ahmet May 4, 2007 11:14

Re: Steam laval nozzle
Thanks a lot first of all. I have a solution in pressure based type. but when I try it in density based and after I get the result, there is a big difference between mass flow rates. What is the reason of this?

isak December 26, 2009 11:26

Micro Nozzle Applet
I am looking for a Java Applet of Laval nozzle.

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