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sucho May 2, 2007 22:50

Gambit 3D Boundary Layer
Dear. Forum

I have created a wing model in CATIA and imported to Gambit After succesful face meshing, I have applied face boundary layers (3D) however, when I try to view 3D BL or to volume mesh. I encounter an error msg saying that because of the edges (on trailing edges) END condition and BL only appied to flat surface. Please help what am I doing wrong??


nick May 3, 2007 16:07

Re: Gambit 3D Boundary Layer
If you are simulating flow over a wing, I think the scheme you are using to mesh the flow domain volume does not accept the premeshed surfaces. Divide the wing surface into two surfaces, one for pressure side and one for suction side. Mesh the wing surfaces only, perhaps using Quad/Map.Then attach the BL on them. Let Gambit choose the scheme to mesh the flow domain, you set the size only.

sucho May 3, 2007 22:37

Re: Gambit 3D Boundary Layer
Yes, that's the way i am doing it... I have three surfaces; one top wing face and one bottom wing face and a closing face at the wing tip. I have generated a quad/pave mesh on the faces and applied 3D BL.

The BL imprint on the symmery face (wing root) appears to be fine but still getting following error msg while View 3D BL or Volume meshing:

Error: Currently, 3D boundary layers are limited to flat face groups with END conditions around the boundary. The problems occur in v_volume.3 along v_edge.187 edge.160. v_edge.194.

Could it because of vertex types?? If so, what vertex type do I need to change to?

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