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zenith May 3, 2007 10:39

single and parallel machine with different results

I perform analysis using single preocessor. After the convergence of solution. when i run same case and data file on parallel machine, results are different.

There is minor different in mass flow rates, but large difference is observed in enthalpy change due to spray combustion.

I am unable to find the reason. Looking for some experienced advice


Thomas May 4, 2007 07:58

Re: single and parallel machine with different res
When u have particle tracking, the parallel solver can sometimes have some problem in re-locating the particles, so a lower number of particles might be tracked or they can be tracked in a wrong way if the domain is not well subdivided; try to check this.


zenith May 10, 2007 00:27

Re: single and parallel machine with different res
Thanks for your presicous sharing. In my case, these particale evaporate and then oxidize to release heat. Single processor produces the amount of heat as per theoritical calculation, but when it comes to parallel processor, heat release is less.

So should i infer that due to bad tracking of particles in parallel machine, less particles are tracked, thus less fuel is evaporated and less heat is released.

there is another quiry in my mind, how can i confirm that all the fuel i am injecting , enters in my solution domain and takes part in oxidation. I want to ask about the conservation of fuel, how it can be checked. I am using plain orifice atomizer for fuel injection.

hope to see ur responce


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