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Haoyin Shan May 6, 2007 23:50

About drag coefficient of 2D circular cylinder!
Hi, all,

I am now working on the drag coefficient simulation of 2D circular cylinder. I have already checked lots of poster on this forum, indeedly, they helped me a lot.

My current simulation result is: for laminar flow (Re < 100), the simulation is pretty well comparing with experiment data.

I used SST K-omega model (the only model in Fluent 6.3.26 which can simulate transition) to simulate Transition (200<= Re <= 4000). I used UNSTEADY and specified adaptive time step at the beginning, after certain time (nearly one day), change to STEADY to get the convergence. The simulation is just fine comparing with the experiment. However, I can use second order to discretize only pressure, turbulent kinetic energy and specific dissipation rate. The momentum can not be discretized as second order to get convergence. Does this affect the result? If yes, any suggestion about how to improve this?

Thanks in advance!


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