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mimi May 10, 2007 04:02

Looking for an aircraft wing model........

I need to conduct some Aerodynamic evaluations/Assessment and I need a standard aircraft wing model........

I will be using fluent for that and I am a bit beginner and I really need help and Directions...

Any useful liks or relevant sites...ect would be appreciated

Thanks a lot!


A A S May 10, 2007 10:27

Re: Looking for an aircraft wing model........
Do you intend to model a full 3D wing or are you analysing a particular 2D airfoil? "Standard aircraft wing model" can mean a lot of things. Is this a commercial/business jet type of aircraft or is it military/transport? What about swept wing configuration? Should the "standard model" be both swept and have an angle of twist? Many things you should consider. If you plan on modeling a full 3D wing you are better of using a specific CAD package for doing so and then importing your geo into Gambit for meshing. Good luck


mimi May 10, 2007 10:39

Re: Looking for an aircraft wing model........

Thanks a lot for your reply!

- I intend to model a standard wing (Civil airliner!)

- swept wing

- Am not considering twist at least at the start!

- I will be using FLUENT...BUT the problem is that I still do not have a model...I am looking for one!

But it must have a control surface, tipycally: An aileron!

I need to conducted aero studies for different aileron deflections and angles of attackes...ect

Do you know any source where I can get info or links to get a geometry...

Hope to hear from you again!


A A S May 11, 2007 13:15

Re: Looking for an aircraft wing model........
It might be a little difficult (I could be wrong) for you to find a file containing the geometry you are specifically looking for, especially on the internet. You are much better of modeling the wing on your own using a cad package like Pro/E or Catia. Once you have accomplished that you can import the file into Gambit and create a surface mesh and define your pressure far field, velocity/pressure inlet, and pressure outlet conditions. And then export your mesh file. Start Fluent and do File-->Read-->Case and choose your mesh file from the working directory. This is a pretty formidable project you are working on, good luck.

Onward and upward A A S

clem May 28, 2007 04:36

Re: Looking for an aircraft wing model........

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