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HSeldon May 19, 2007 09:18

Going to buy RAM, suggestions?
Hi folks: Iīm going to buy some RAM to my PC in order to run bigger cases. Since itīs a bit old I have DDR 400Mhz with an Athlon 64 socket 939. Regarding CFD applications, how important is the CAS latency? What other factors should I have to have in mind?

Thanks a lot.

farhat May 19, 2007 13:11

Re: Going to buy RAM, suggestions?
Brand is very important, can go for CORSAIR or Kingston.

HSeldon May 20, 2007 10:42

Re: Going to buy RAM, suggestions?
Yes, my idea was to buy a non-generic RAM. Probably Iīll go for the Corsair. And how important is the latency? Iīve been looking on the web and I discovered that the lowest latencies doesnīt give a lot more of performance, but I donīt know what happens with a CFD application. Here in Argentina the difference in the prices are considerable, so I would like to know if a CAS 2 REALLY worth the money over the CAS 2.5 or CAS 3 RAM. Thanks!

Thomas May 21, 2007 08:01

Re: Going to buy RAM, suggestions?
With CAS 3 in one of my cases I obtain 26 s per iteration, with CAS 2.5 I obtain 25.7 s; compared to cpu fequency the influence of the cas is minimal: with A64 4200+ @ 230*11 I have 25.7 s, the same CPU @ 240*11 (an increase of about 100MHz) I obtain 24.7s. So: cas latency in itself doesn't give much more performance, but if u're looking for an OC system buy low latency or high frequency RAM. Let us know what u'll buy. Thomas

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