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xuan May 20, 2007 23:41

help! sth wrong while reading case
hi, when i read in the case file to fluent6, it shows like that Reading "C:\Documents and Settings\s\566.msh"... 36279 nodes. 40 mixed pressure-inlet faces, zone 3. 40 mixed pressure-outlet faces, zone 4. 60 mixed pressure-inlet faces, zone 5. 2500 mixed symmetry faces, zone 6. 6750 mixed wall faces, zone 7. 89125 mixed interior faces, zone 9. 31250 hexahedral cells, zone 2. Building... grid, Removing 40 unreferenced faces, zone 3. Removing 40 unreferenced faces, zone 4. Removing 60 unreferenced faces, zone 5.

Warning: Number of nodes read (36279) does not match number referenced (36036). Resetting counter to match the number referenced.

materials, interface, domains, zones, default-interior wall1 sys1 Skipping zone jets (not referenced by grid). Skipping zone outlet (not referenced by grid). Skipping zone inlet (not referenced by grid). fluid shell conduction zones, Done.

so i can't find the skipped zones when i set the boundary conditions what does it mean and what shall i do??

Razvan May 21, 2007 02:01

Re: help! sth wrong while reading case
Usually, FLUENT does that when the boundary zone, although written and present in the grid, has no attached cells. In other words, when writing a grid, GAMBIT writes every surface mesh, plus every cell it finds, but FLUENT simply discards the surface meshes with no cells associated and keeps only the cells when reading a mesh.

So the answer to your problem could be this one: you simply forgot to mesh some small volumes which have these surfaces ("jets", "inlet", "outlet") attached at the ends. Please verify that all volumes are meshed before exporting the grid.

All the best,


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