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amir May 23, 2007 05:52

Multiphase flow information

I've started a research on modeling atomization using Fluent. I appreciate if someone give me some links or papers about settings of multiphase flow in Fluent. I am new to multiphase flow modelling and I haven't been able to understand all details from User Guide. thanks

greg May 24, 2007 09:26

Re: Multiphase flow information
try: SOLVE/ ANIMATE/ DEFINE/ function and set up what you want to see as an movie and than after calculataions use SOLVE/ANIMATE/PLAYBACK

I hope it helps you :)

Prasad Dudhgaonkar May 25, 2007 06:01

Re: Multiphase flow information
User's manual is never meant to make us understand ALL the details. Nevertheless, go through the following... the section 22.4.1 about choosing a multiphase model, chapter 23 on discrete phase model (widely used for spray atomization simulations) and especially section 23.4 on spray models if this is the area of your interest is.

Search for atomization on google will give you enough references/publications. The real task will be to get hold of actual publication or its soft copy. Hope this info will help.

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