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Tim May 23, 2007 11:50

tank motion on boat
Hi I would like to model a solid tank motion filled with fluid. This tank is on a boat. I create an UDF to describe the motion of the tank but when I want to load it in Define->Dynamic Mesh->Zones. Fluent warns me: incorrect grid motion UDF cuve::libudf on zone 2 (assuming no motion)

So I suppose that my udf file is bad but I don't know how to correct it.


#include "udf.h"

real hs=-0.786; real thetamax=3; real pulsation=0.1; real theta; DEFINE_CG_MOTION(cuve,dt,vel,omega,time,dtime) { Thread *t; /* reset velocities */ NV_S(vel, =, 0.0); NV_S(omega, =, 0.0); if (!Data_Valid_P()) return; /* get the thread pointer for which this motion is defined */ t = DT_THREAD(dt);

theta=thetamax*sin(pulsation*time); omega[0]=theta/dtime; vel[0]=hs*sin(theta)/dtime; vel[1]=hs*sin(theta)/dtime; Message ("time = %f, x_vel = %f, y_vel=%f,rotation=%f\n", time, vel[0], vel[1], omega[0] ); }

Or do you have any other ideas to model this motion on Fluent??

Can you help me? thanks in advance Tim

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