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Garima Chaudhary May 24, 2007 03:11

steady state, laminar vof_model
Dear Sir/Madam,

I had a query regarding staedy state solution of the vof_model given as 16 th example in tutorial guide of fluent. I tried it with a different geometry i.e. of a cylinder of radius 2 cm and height 8 cm. I filled it with water till a height of .03 m. I wanted a steady state solution of the problem instead of the unsteady state solution. But the problem what I am facing is that the solution doesnt converges at all even though I reduced the under relaxation parameters to 1/100 th of the initial values given by default.Still it will not converge after some time and there occurs a sharp rise i.e. vertical rise in the residual values and finally it shows an error.THe changes what I made from tutorial problem setting of vof_model of unsteady state to steady state are as follows: 1. unsteady state to steady state under solver 2. k-e model to laminar model under viscous as I want to work first with the low rpm/sec i.e. till 2 rad/sec which gives a reynolds no in laminar region for this geometry of mine 3. Under solution controls I took the scheme SIMPLE under pressure-velocity coupling and under Discretization I took the scheme STANDARD 4.Under surface monitors I took Iteration for define instead of flow time Rest everything I kept same

But I also tried with the presto scheme only instead of standard , though it gives convergence but it doesnt give any change in the profile of liquid in cylinder after iteration is over its still .03 m filled horizontal line no parabolic shape. Plz guide me I m not able to interpret whats the issue.

Regards Garima

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