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flybird May 24, 2007 10:44

particle, parcel and mass flow rate balance
Hi, I read some discussions about particles and parcels in this forum. I have a similar question and i would appreciate if somebody could help.

I used unsteady tracking in DPM for liquid metal atomization. I beleive that at continuous injection, and after the system reach a quasi-steady state, the mass flow rate of particles should be conserved, that is, the mass flow rate I injected, the mass flow rate particle out of the domain and the mass flow rate across any plane should be equal or very close. For 2-D, i had line in my domain and did the sampling. As Fluent people told me, the total mass flow rate crossing this line should be the each mass flow rate of parcel from the output file added together. But my mass flow rate is much larger than real mass flow rate I defined from DPM. How this happen and is there other way I can check the mass balance?

First time post and thanks for help.

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