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Abhijit May 24, 2007 10:49

error in shells near the curves or edges
I am a beginer in Ansys Icem cfd. whwn i creat any model in tetra meshing & when i check my mesh it always shows the error message that i have problems near the curves.I tried with simple geometry mesh also also but still its showing the same error. Wating for your help. thanking you yours faithfully Abhijit. Fachhochschule Aachen, Germany

HAYATI ERKAN TASYUREK June 2, 2007 22:26

Re: error in shells near the curves or edges
Annsys CFD and fluent CFD is almost the same... In CFD analysis the hardest part is generating a correct meshing. The most common problem is the areas which is discontinues, i mean if geometry is changing the boundary points always become a problem to us, in order to avoid this problem you should give a fillet, radius to the geometry and you should use partial mesh..if you use a global mesh for whole model the software will give the same mesh specifications for everypoint ..therefore you will have problem... So two things i will suggest to you, 1-) use fillets in necessary areas, and if you have sharp edges try to use not sharp but a little bit thicker edges...

2-) Do not use global mesh, use fine mesh for small surfaces, and coarse mesh for big surfaces...

enjoy CFD...


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