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Ketan May 25, 2007 11:58

Rotating Reference frame
Hi All!

I have a cylinder which is rotating with 0.3 rad/sec, I am using Single rotating referance frame. I want that the cylinder should be in solid body rotation w.r.t rotating frame. So does any body know how this can be achived? Please help me. What I figured out is that I write a CFF for rotational velocity i.e Tangential-velocity/(radial-coordinate) which should be equal to 0.3 rad/sec in whole fluid domain. But when I see the contours for the CFF the only controversy is at the center which show rotational velocity as 0.6-1.2, I dont know why is it like that?

Secondly, I want to change rotating rate to 0.39 rad/sec so for this should I write a UDF or should I change the rotation rate of the wall by 0.09 rad/sec Thanks in Advance Ketan

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