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greg May 26, 2007 07:50

density of fluid and mixtur
hi. I have one quastion. I have a mixture of oil and water (well mixed) which a secondary phase and water vapour which is primary phase. I use VOF model. Let assume that I have a rectangular channel where my mixture (oil + water) is boiling relasing water vapour. How to check a mixture (oil _ water) density at the inlet (or x=0,1m) and at the outlet of channel (x=1m). Do I have to choose density of fluid or a mixture in Fluent panel: SOLVE/MONITOR/SURFACE/SURFACE MONITORS/ DEFINE SURFACE MONITORS??? Thank you for your help.

greg May 26, 2007 09:47

Re: density of fluid and mixtur
and one more quastion. I`d like to do a new material in VOF model. The material is NaCl+H2O. One is solid and second is liquid but both are salt in water SOLUTION so liquid. Shall I make a new material as an solution with proper properities or it should be a mixture of water and solid Nacl? Is it possible at all (solid + liquid = mixture)???

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