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Aerodecom May 29, 2007 17:34

Periodic Boundary condition
Hi everybody,

I'm trying to run a stator-rotor simulation using sliding mesh (similar to that one if the Fluent tutorial), I generated a grid using GridGen. When I try to especify the periodicity condition from the boundary conditions menu it does not appears. What can I do.


Charisse May 29, 2007 20:26

Re: Periodic Boundary condition
u can use the command line your sequence may be :

define/ boundary-conditions/ modify-zones/ make-periodic

remember the IDs of the two domains

Aerodecom May 30, 2007 01:03

Periodic Boundary condition
Thanks a lot for your anwser Charisse. I was trying to do this, but an error message appears at the end of the process. I think that maybe theres is something wrong with my grid, what do you think?

Thanks again.

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