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Javier May 30, 2007 07:28

Multiphase Euler Granular Parameter
Hello all,

I am new in Fluent and CFD, and I am modelling a rotary dryer with Multiphase Euler Granular. I have two phases (one gas, one solid granular).GAS: 23,6 kg/s, Density= 1,2 kg/m3. SOLIDS: 10 kg/s, Density=700 kg/m3, Diameter=0.001. I should define all the parameter for the second phase, which is granular, and I donīt know which is actually the physical meaning of the following granular properties and the range that is usually used. I have read Fluent Userīs guide, but I don't understand how will be the behaviour of the second phase varying them, and how can I determine them experimentally:

- Granular Viscosity (does it substitute Material viscosity?) - Frictional Viscosity, Angle, Frictional Packing - Bulk Viscosity - Granular Temperature - Granular Conductivity - Solids Pressure - Radial Distribution - Drag function - Restitution Coefficients - Lift force

Maybe you could help me. Thanks a lot, and best regards,


Javier June 1, 2007 06:29

Re: Multiphase Euler Granular Parameter

My concret questions are:

- Which range is used for these granular parameter? - If there is somebody who has worked with Euler Granular, could you please say me how determine these parameter for Fluent, and which range was used? - How can i determine these granular parameter experimentally?

Many thanks.


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