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rosol May 30, 2007 08:51

non dimensional analysis
Hi, I want to solve the momentom and energy equation in non dimensional form to simulate the flow and heat transfer in channel and studying the effect of some of non dimensional parameters such as Re and Kr=K.solid/K.fluid .can fluent workining with non dim. since it require to enter the values of parameters .

Thanks alot

Donia June 1, 2007 10:51

Re: non dimensional analysis
hi, i think i have just posted a respond for you but it wasn't so clear! i worked on a similar pb!you just need to write your new equations (on paper)and compare them to the equations you started from!write them as you keep coefficients in their places,you 'll not have the same coefficients!! for exemple if you have an A for the conduction term and when you transform your equation you 'll have a B!there 'll be a relation between A and B for exemple B=A^-1!!in Fluent,of course,you have to put A,because it considers dimensinal equation so you 're going to put B^-1 instead!this B can represent Re or any other non dimensional factor! i hope i was clear!

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