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Ralf Schmidt June 1, 2007 07:18

report surface area WITHOUT solit

I have a geometry, with fluid AND solit meshed. Now, I made several lices in that geometrie and I want to report e.g. the average velocity in main flow direction (y-vel.) along the y-axis of the FLUID.

I use report-> surface integral, BUT Fluent uses for calculation of area averaged values the whole surface area WITH the solit area!

So, in my case the area averaged y-velocity in the main flow direction does not changes (what is of course right, considering constant mass flow and averaging about the whole area ignoring the solit blocking).

How to report the values averaged ONLY on the fluid area? That problems is also with the other velocity-components, pressure, temperatur (the solid is hot!) ...

Any Idea??? Ralf

Ralf Schmidt June 1, 2007 10:23

problem solved

Use "iso-Surface" of constant grid.. y coordinate, from zone fluid

That works!!!

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