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Scott June 7, 2007 18:02

Flow over a 3D wing

I am trying to model my wing inside a volume that is of the same size as my windtunnel. I can presently mesh the wing itself with a fine mesh but I am wondering how to coarsen the mesh out up until the boundaries of the volume. So far I have been unsuccessful with the 3D but I am able to do so with the 2D.



Carlos June 9, 2007 15:47

Re: Flow over a 3D wing
Hi Scott,

It is much easier to mesh a 2D model because you don't have as many constraints. Depending on the resources you have available, it is likely that your 3D model will have a coarser mesh to any 2D model you make. I would recommend decomposing the air volume into a series of boxes. It is good practice to use structured cells where possible and this can be done in every one of those boxes except the volume containing the wing. I tend to mesh the outer boxes first, using line controls to grade the mesh so that it is finer closer to the wing. Then use an unstructured mesh to join the wing to the surrounding air volumes.

Unfortunately there are no guidelines with meshing, its just a case of trial and error and picking up experience along the way. Don't forget that grid independence studies are vital if you want to do anything serious with the model.

Good luck,


Scott June 9, 2007 18:16

Re: Flow over a 3D wing
thanks very much

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