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sisir June 9, 2007 02:40

UDF for species-mass-fraction gradient at outlet
Hi, I am modeling species transport in high temp in steady state. In this model I have used the species CO,CO2,H,H2....etc. I want to set the gradient of the species-mass fraction =0.0 instead of mass-fraction = 0.0 at the pressure outlet boundary for species. For this i have written an UDF which is given below.

#include "udf.h"



float source=0.0;

begin_c_loop(cell, thread)







return source;


After compiling the file when I am trying to HOOK it the UDF file is not displaying in the species-mass-fraction at the pressure outlet . But I check the UDF file is available at the Boundary Condtion-Fluid-Source term for species.

Anybody can help to solve this problem?

I will be greatful to you for your help.

Thanking you.


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