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free June 11, 2007 02:48

problem about Map and cooper!pls!!
map an cooper i have quastion about map and cooper scheme: i mesh a cylinder that splited by a cube whit center of cylinder. i use map and see very bad quality mesh(by examanie mesh) also fluent give non-positive warning. but when i use cooper i havent any problem,even though they have a same shape . why there is a difference. Tankx alot for ur answers. Free

AJ June 11, 2007 09:15

Re: problem about Map and cooper!pls!!
Could you split the cylinder with a reactangula face?

Could you split it using larger cube.... Do you still retaining the cube?

It should be easy if you split the face using face dividing the cylinder into half.... Also select the source and target faces....

Have fun... AJ

free June 11, 2007 13:48

Re: problem about Map and cooper!pls!!
HItankx for ur attention. i havent any pronlem whit meshing , i mesh it by cooper and map and they have a similar shape . but when i use examaine mesah i face whit alot bad cells in map scheme.but cooper scheme dosnt have any bad cell Best

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