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elkan June 11, 2007 13:37

turbulence model

I am making a simulation 3D airfoil with models S-A and K-e, as of them it is better? the results that I obtain are different, being the greater coefficients drag and lift for k-e than it means this.

I hope that they can help me


amir June 11, 2007 13:43

Re: turbulence model
Hi i had a similar problem and i use k-e .my results were better.but i think u should compare it whit exprimental results. Amir

elkan June 11, 2007 15:50

Re: turbulence model
but I do not have experimental datas with which to compare, as model is the suitable one?

Dr. Flow Squad June 13, 2007 03:42

Re: turbulence model
k-epsilon tends to "stick" more to the surface than K-omega bassed SST. I don't know about SAS model, but I would expect it to be superior of the both.

Ive done some test between k-e and SST on a circular cylinder. Have a look compared to vanDyke's book:

<CENTER> Exp. Re=100,000, Instantaneous plot:

k-Epsilon Stationary:

SST Stationary:

</CENTER> - Dr. Flow Squad

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