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Shane June 11, 2007 16:00

incorrect Cp plots
Hi, I am using the XY-plots to get Cp plots off of some airfoils; both 2-d and 3-d. I get pressure coefficient values above 1 about half of the time and they shouldn't exceed 1. I go and update my reference values to get the correct reference velocity out of my inlet before I pull up my pressure coefficient. I even have meshes that converge and still show a Cp of 3, while other case studies with the exact same mesh will not converge but show an accurate Cp. I also found that it varies with different options on different solvers. I have been using the S-A, k-epsilon, and k-omega models. I have a boundary layer with 20 steps of .1 mm built off of the surface that then grows into an unstructured tet mesh for the rest of the mesh. It is running at 100 m/s or about 200 knots. Anyone help or ideas that any could give woiuld be greatly appreciated in trying to figure out this problem.


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