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Jessy June 16, 2007 17:35

Sawdust Combustion-Non-premixed Combustion Model
I have 2 questions regarding combustion of sawdust in a furnace. My sawdust burners are located on top of the coal burners in my furnace.

Question 1: from Define -> Models -> Species -> transport&reaction, in the 'Table' tab in Species model, FLUENT asks for 2 temperatures, fuel and Oxid. can anyone advise me what are the 2 values appropriate to my case? The sawdust enters with primary air (at 300K) and hot flue gas from coal burning below is 1300K.

Question 2: when I define pdf-mixture material, what are the suitable values for transport properties, ie thermal conductivity and viscosity?

Really hope someone can help me with these!! Looking forward for your replies and thank you in advance!!


Thandavam June 19, 2007 10:59

Re: Sawdust Combustion-Non-premixed Combustion Mod
Hi, The appropriate temperature must be judged by the person who have done the experiments. You must be familiar that you are trying to model vapor phase combustion of the fuel.

Oxygen can exist at room temp

secondly the properties can be constant to start with. Later if you feel like the the properties are varying much inside the domain. you can either use poly nomial kind of variation or u can use kinetic theory


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