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Harly June 18, 2007 10:02

Problems with flat plate and NACA 0012 Lift/Force

I'm trying to compare Fluent, OpenFOAM and Theory regarding flat plate and the airfoil NACA 0012 and my problem is, that my cases deliver inconsistent and both solvers wrong solutions.

My question is now, has someone tried to do the same and had success? - and what configuration did you use to get the proper solution?

I can send over my casefiles, if someone likes.

I would be very happy if someone could send me a testcase, which delivers right solutions (as I said important would be the solver configuration).

I'm using the the Prandt'l Theory for the flat plate ( cl = 2*Pi*angleofattack) and xfoil for the NACA 0012.

Hope you can help me.

If someone likes to help me with the OpenFOAM problem as well, that would be great.

Thank You Harly

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