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Martin Castillo June 18, 2007 22:56

Combustion in a closed System
Hello Matej, I am new to Fluent and have been doing some modeling recently. I am studying the combustion of air and hydrogen in a closed chamber. My 2-D mesh looks like a donut with an inner radius of .3mm and outer of 50mm and this has been cut in half for symmetry purposes. I am having trouble modeling in a closed chamber and hope you can help me out. I would like to start the combustion of the gas at the small inner diameter "hot-wire". This surface should be somewhere from 875 to 1300 deg C. I have done the following procedure to accomplish this and then at the end I am unable to define the temperature of the hot-wire and chamber wall.

 File->Read Case->2d chamber 05.msh  Grid->Check  Grid->Scale->mm->Scale->Close  Define->Models->Solver->Time->Unsteady->Ok  Define->Models->Radiation->P1->Ok->Ok to the warning  Define->Models->Viscous->K-epsilon(2eqn)->OK  Define->Models->Species->Premixed Combustion->Apply->Ok to the warning->Ok  Define->Materials->Fluent Database->Then I picked out air and hydrogen->changed absorbtion coefficient to 10 for both of them and each time clicked on Change/Create->Close  Define->operating conditions->Checked Gravity->Y=-9.8->ok  Define->Boundary Conditions->Hot Wire->###Can't define temperatures here###

Any ideas suggestions are appreciated.

Thanks, Dr. Martin Castillo

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