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Johannes June 20, 2007 05:01

DPM Initialization

I want to simulate the vaporization of oil injected through an orifice into a combustion chamber. I'm going to use the DPM and droplets. My question is, I want to calculate the flow field first without the DPM turned on. In one fluent tutorial I read, there was an explanation that I have to turn on the enegery equation and the species transport, when simulating the flow field first. Is this really necessary? Isn't it possible to just use the standard equations and turn on the energy equation and the species transport when turning on the DPM?

Greetings, Johannes.

Allan Walsh June 20, 2007 09:27

Re: DPM Initialization
Sure, you can solve the flow field first but it probably won't be especially interesting or useful. My experience with regular combustion (i.e atmospheric, subsonic flows) is that you can solve the flow field and combustion together, as long as the gradients aren't huge.

When you start solving it, just patch in a reasonable temperature and perhaps an oxygen concentration. Also, you will probably will not solve the droplet phase every iteration so that gives a few (10 or 25) iterations to settle the initial coniditions.

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