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Naghman Khan June 20, 2007 10:56

What is the Flow domain?

I'm new to CFD so this may seem like an incredibly simple question to you all, but what is the actual flow domain of say a Brick created using the volume command.

If I were to create a brick, this would be a solid brick as confirmed when viewing through the shaded view. Is this solidity real or virtual, I mean will air actually flow through the volume or do I need to make another slightly smaller brick than subtract this from the original brick to give a hollow volume shaped like a brick?

Thanks all, appreciate it.

Ahmad June 20, 2007 17:39

Re: What is the Flow domain?

The flow domain is the volume in which the flow takes place (a 2D model assumes a unit depth into the screen). You don't have to draw a smaller volume for the flow. The walls (faces) of the brick (volume) are the boundaries of the flow domain. The shade view only shows you the "outer" faces of the domain, so it is hollow by default (unless you specify it as a solid in the "continuum type" panel).


Naghman Khan June 21, 2007 04:32

Re: What is the Flow domain?
Ahmad, thanks again bro, that made perfect sense.

Ahmad June 21, 2007 10:44

Re: What is the Flow domain?
My pleasure.

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